Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a website cost?
Let us put it to you this way: How much does a car cost? Will that be a Hyundai Pony or a Chevy Corvette? With leather interior or cloth? See the dilemma? INETT Inc. helps our clients to assess their needs and to balance the needs with the wants. We pride ourselves in determining the right balance of website function with website form for the requirements of our clients. After all, a client who has been oversold will be discontent similarly to a client who has been undersold. So, to answer the question… How much does a website cost? Give us a call. Tell us your vision. Answer some questions. Receive a quote… on paper!
Q: Someone I know (a friend) has offered to design my website as a "favour" at virtually no charge. Is this possible?
There are amateurs in every walk of life. Some are wise and some are well... otherwise! Why not have your "friend" design your tear-away business cards too? Or fix the brakes on your car while he's at it? Although it is possible to create a website with some HTML knowledge, designing a website that is both professional looking AND fully functional is something best left to the professionals. Remember, your website is viewable to the entire world. The presentation of your company should not be left to chance. Hire the proven experts.
Q: I already have a website designed. Will INETT Inc. host it for me?
Yes, INETT Inc. provides both website design AND hosting services. Call today to learn more about our superior hosting capacity.
Q: I don't have much of a budget but I know I need exposure to the WWW. Can I still get a website?
Absolutely. INETT Inc. understands that small companies and new entrepreneurs need exposure to the world wide web but have little financial resources to begin with. A website by its very nature can and should be a "work in progress". To this end, INETT Inc. will design a simpler, scaled-back website without compromising the visual presentation or functionality.
Q: Once I have a website, can I add or make changes to it?
Most updates to a website can be made in very little time. INETT Inc. offers FTP access to our hosting-only clients. For those whose sites have been designed by INETT Inc. we offer cost-effective update plans and retainer packages. For clients who have certain areas of their website subject to constant or regular change, we offer our Web Edit Suite - a collection of software applications that can be used by our clients who wish to perform these recurring updates without update assistance from INETT Inc
Q: Is it too late to get a website nowadays?
Not at all. There is no better time than the present! Most internet theorists view the internet as being in an absolutely embryonic stage. With faster line speeds coming every day, and new, more dynamic information resources being united with the global network, the world has only scratched the surface of what the internet is capable of.